About  My  Hair: A Journey to Recovery
by Marcia Reid Marsted
from Capelli d'Angeli Press

Here's How to Order an Autographed Copy of About My Hair: A Journey to Recovery, signed by author and photographer Marcia Reid Marsted, at the price of $15 per copy (plus $5 per copy shipping & handling):




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To learn more about her book or her photography, contact Marcia via email: mrmphoto@yahoo.com 

or phone: 860.693.2347/212.222.4493


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3. Return with your check or money order to: Capelli d'Angeli Press, 125 Indian Hill Road, Canton, CT 06019.

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About My Hair: A Journey to Recovery

Photographs and narrative by Marcia Reid Marsted.



I plan to donate a portion of the selling price to the wonderful hospitals and charitable organizations that help cancer patients.